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Do you find it difficult to write about
your business so that your marketing speaks to the right clients?
Finding the right words for your website, for brochures and emails
can often prove difficult. Sometimes just thinking about what makes you different, and why customers should buy from you can prove a problem. You know your business makes a real difference but your words sound insincere or dull.
You stop moving forward.

It would all be much more enjoyable if you could have a natural conversation - as you would with a friend - and customers would just hand the money over!
Good marketing which really speaks to your ideal clients feels like a conversation with a friend. There are so many opportunities to contact your prospects and customers to build the business of your dreams.

Once you have mastered this, you enjoy your work more, earn more, and make more difference to more people.

There is a simple but powerful solution for communicating about your business, which makes everything easier. Rather than working at selling your product, or your service, you connect with something deeper. You forget the surface noise and remember the reasons why you are in business. Your values, your purpose and the satisfaction you really get from working with your clients all provide clues. Standing up for what you believe in - and being consistent - will attract your best clients. Speaking and writing about it in a wide number of ways will help your clients to think of you as the expert .... and pay you more money.
You don't need to know technical marketing words like branding, positioning, vertical markets and so on, you do it all because it makes sense to you.

Marketing Coaching
There are new exciting clients waiting for you.
Are you ready for them?

With Creative Spark Communications as a marketing coach providing guidance and inspiration you feel supported, you are accountable and take more action more easily. You can gain:

  • confidence about what's special about your business so your "brand" is more powerful and compelling
  • clarity about your ideal clients so you get results with less time and effort
  • a higher profile on the internet and in the press so the right new clients value your expertise and are prepared to pay you well.

You will also be inspired and supported to take action towards your next stage of success. 

It can be lonely when you want more customers.   A virtual partner who understands the pressures and brings support, challenge and inspiration can help you to set clear goals and get them

The Amazing Power of Words
One of the keys to success is by using writing to educate your audience and show your expertise.
Writing has never been more powerful because your words can be seen by a vast audience on the internet. The word "copywriting" just doesn't convey the power of writing for your business. Your website, a blog, emails, and articles on-line can help your market to get to know you, so they trust you which means they are more likely to buy. The internet lets you have a friendly one-to-one relationship and costs virtually nothing.

PR in the "real" off-line world can be extremely powerful in giving authority and raising your profile. Customers are impressed by editorial coverage in their favourite magazine or newspaper. Words written by a journalist give you authority, whereas they know it only takes money to get advertising coverage.

If you are anything like me it can be difficult to write wonderful things about yourself and what you do. Even though you know deep down that it is all true, the words sound contrived. To tell you the truth, it can be a real journey getting to the place where you write naturally about your products or services. It certainly has been for me - and I found it easy to write, but difficult to write for my own business.

The second problem is simply about spending the time on your business rather than doing work for your clients.

Both of these problems lead to a loss of money and, more importantly, a drain of energy and clarity.

You may find, like my clients, that when you feel more more supported and relaxed that you are unstoppable!

Low Cost Marketing
Investing in marketing does not mean big bills. We focus on common-sense low-cost strategies and tactics. At the start of a working relationship you may wish to draft letters, emails, your website or publicity information yourself, and we can proof-read or edit.
You may find we can write better about what you do and what is special about your business than you could yourself. We can help you find exactly what your audience wants to hear, what would appeal to the press, and what tone of voice is best.

If your previous marketing attempts were not successful it can be easy to become disillusioned. With Creative Spark Communications you can make the most of your best asset - your usp: your unique spark.

The process of expressing that spark to the right audience in the right way is the journey to financial and emotional wealth.

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Jean Wolfe of Creative Spark Communications
Jean Wolfe

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I enjoyed it so much I did it in one weekend! Discovered a lot and appreciated the light touch.

Charles Campbell Garden Design

Helped us to think through our approach, get much clearer - and enjoy the process!

Ute Wieczorek-King and Mary Fraser

You are always a breath of fresh air and wake me up to possibilities

Pattie Horrocks Coach and Trainer

"If getting clients has become a chore, I highly recommend this valuable resource which has Jean working her usual magic. Spark into Marketing! Stop and Think is about getting you to enjoy marketing your business, and it provides simple strategies for doing just that. From helping you to become clear about your ideal clients, gaining a greater knowledge of yourself and exactly what you want from your business to increasing your business credibility, this excellent course will put you back on track."

Lucie Storrs